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Join Our Team!!!

What we are looking for:

  • Exemplify LEADERSHIP

  • Operate with EMPATHY

  • Being GENUINE

  • Standing ACCOUNTABLE

  • Exercise COMPASSION

  • Experience Positive YIELD

If you meet these qualifications and want to be part of our growing team, apply below!

Click the "PDF File" 

to Download the 


Complete the application and email to

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Our Mandatory Training

Experience is welcomed, but not necessary.  

All applicants will complete the following training sessions:

  • Firearm Training (Includes qualifying)

  • Active Shooter

  • TCI (Therapeutic Crisis Intervention)

  • First Aid & CPR

  • Mental Health First Aid for Youth

  • CORE Strength Training

  • De-Escalation Training

  • Culturally Responsive & Sustaining Practice

  • Family & Community Engagement Training

  • 'Restorative Justice'

  • 'Understanding the Adolescent Brain'

  • Safe Schools

  • 'Too God for Violence' Mentor Training

  • And more...


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